top of page - Your partner for video and audio productions, especially in the field of classical music was founded during the pandemic to give musicians a digital stage and digital revenue opportunities through the sale of digital concert tickets. Many of these audio and video productions were also created by the team behind the platform, namely Daniel Auner, MA, plus Mag. Damián Posse from summer 2021. Both Daniel Auner, MA and Mag. Damián Posse are not only trained and practicing musicians, but also learned, partly at universities, but also in private courses, how to professionally carry out digital audio productions such as CDs or concert recordings. The creation of digital video productions - both in the live streaming area of conferences and as video recordings of concerts and video productions - is now part of the area of responsibility of the team at, which the musicians operate parallel to their concert activities.



Professional equipment, but usually only one technician is required


Both in the audio and video areas, the team now has access to very professional equipment, which enables audio recordings in CD or radio quality, as well as video material in 4k image quality. Microphones from Neumann, Austrian Audio, AKG, Oktava and others are used, and a total of 4 Sony ZV1 4k cameras are available for video production. Most productions, whether CD recordings or material creation for video streams, can often be carried out with a single technician, as can live streams with one camera. More complex live streams with multiple perspectives on request.

Recording management from a professional


Both Daniel Auner, MA and Mag. Damián Posse are regularly successful as musicians on stage and in concerts. In a production, the musicians playing can rely on the presentation of the scores when recording, that everything was recorded correctly at least once and nothing was overlooked - and the production can thus be successfully completed.

Photoshootings for musicians and ensembles


Mag. Damián Posse has been working as a photographer for musicians for many years alongside his work as a musician. Visit his photography website,, for more information and photo samples

Fair prices, calculable costs


The team charges an affordable hourly rate per technician for all audio and video production activities, i.e. travel expenses and set-up (within Vienna a flat rate of 1 working hour is charged for set-up/dismantling), recording time, post-production incl. Mastering and material creation is billed by the minute. Equipment costs are included. For a specific cost and project preview, please contact 

The costs for a photo shoot with Mag. Damián Posse are agreed separately and project by project. If you have any further questions or availability of dates for specific projects, please contact us at 01/9691616 or

We look forward to our joint project!


Daniel Auner, MA

Mag. Damian Posse


CD productions

Duo Mozartiano - Leclair, Eder, Mozart, Beriot | Mozartiano Label
Auner Quartett - Villa-Lobos, Schubert | Label Mozartiano
Mödlinger Symphonisches Orchester - Beethoven, Schubert, Mozart | Privatproduktion zu Demozwecken

Complete production

Auner Quartett - Beethoven Streichquartette | Mozartiano Label
Auner Quartett - Mozart, Mendelssohn | Label Mozartiano

Complete audio production/images by external photographers

Daniel Auner: Bach Complete recordings | ARS Production

Complete production


editing only

Video productions

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